Precision Technique and Enhance Quality

Reduce the current damage and waste of packaging materials to the environment, with energy efficient and waste reduction as the main goal of development.


Metal Processing

Glass carrying device

Various styles of glass carrier device design and production, with many years of experience to review product design concepts with customers.

Cleaning Cleaning in clean room, and according to the different needs .
Maintenance All kinds of components are complete. Welding, reshaping, and replacement can meet the requirements of customers.
Storage Complete storage management, clean and bright environment, detailed records of entrance and exit.
1 Design and manufacture for new glass carriers.
2 Repair, maintenance and cleaning of used glass carriers.
3 Storage with inventory management.

Whirling disc trolley

Glass carrying device

Dimension: Customized

Color: Gray

Remark: Special EVA material can avoid damage to the contents.

Stack trolley