Energy efficient, Waste reduction and Evolvement

Reduce the current damage and waste of packaging materials to the environment, with energy efficient and waste reduction as the main goal of development.

Clean PE Bottle

Many types of clean PE bottles development and design

We are committed to the plastic hollow molding in clean room, and in-depth study and understanding on the control of particles. We use high specification clean room to manufacture PE bottle and control the particle for clean room level.


Wafer Cassette

We develop and design Wafer Cassette, and manufacture for customer any size and specifications.

Wafer cassette main function is carry wafer during the production in clean room, to avoid direct contact with wafer to cause damage.


Metal Target Box/Musical/ Electronic/Measuring instrument box (International Transport)

We manufacture any size metal carry box with customized design.。

Main product: Metal Target box, and the box to deliver inspection equipment / musical instrument.


Color Resist Plastic Pail

Green Policy and Cost Reduction

Reducing is the first concept. To reduce packaging to achieve environmental protection and cost reduction.